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The items posted on this page are provided as a service to our club members who may be interested in such information and/or services. The Morgan Hill Photography Club does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information on a linked website. The dissemination of this information does not constitute an official endorsement, legal advice, or approval by the Morgan Hill Photography Club or its Board of Directors of any organization, product, or service.


Photography Organizations:

Just as no man is an island, photographers need a community where they can openly exchange advice or ideas. By joining a organization dedicated to photographers, you can meet others who love photography and live by it, while reaping the benefits these memberships provide in the form of discounts, education, and advocacy. Links to the websites of some of these organizations are listed below:


Photography and the Law:

Club members consistently ask us questions like: When is okay to take a picture of someone or place; When do I need a model or property release; How do I protect my intellectual property (i.e. my images); Is my homeowner’s insurance enough to cover my photography activities and equipment; What happens to my image when I enter it in a photo contest; and, How do I license my images for others to use? A great source to find answers to these questions, and other questions about your photography, is the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). Another is PhotoShelter, a photography website host. Links to the relevant sections of their websites are listed below:


Photography Workshops:

In addition to the workshops and shootouts the club sponsors, members occasionally like to attend those given by professional photographers. Below is a list of several professional photographers who have talked at our meetings and/or have been recommended by other club members who have participated in their workshops, training, and seminars.


Online Training:

There is a plethora of online instructional videos, tutorials, and classes – too many to mention them all here.  Some of the ones recommend by club members are listed below.