Total Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse | Photo by George Ziegler

Date: January 31, 2018 | Time: 2AM to Sunrise

The Night Photography Focus Group invites all club members to participate in a “self-shootout.”  A self-shootout is one where you photograph on your own or gather a few other club members together in a small group by yourselves, and photograph a subject.  There is no specific meeting place or location – you shoot from wherever your small group thinks best.

As the world settles into 2018, it’s been an auspicious year for skywatchers already. New years day presented the first supermoon of the month (the largest of 2018), sort of a warm up to the main event later in the month.  At the end of January, skywatchers will be treated to a supermoon, blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse (known as blood moon) all in one night.   Such a skywatching event hasn’t happened for more than 150 years – the next one is in 2028.

Note: Supermoons are so named because they are closer to the Earth and appear larger and brighter.

You’ll have to be up early on the morning of January 31st to get the shot.  See below time schedule…

Lunar Eclipse Timetable

Sunrise is approximately 7:11AM.
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The best locations will probably be from the eastern hills or valley.  The Astronomy parking lot at Henry Coe State Park is a good location since it looks out to the west over Morgan Hill and South San Jose – remember to pay your day-use fee at the ranger station since the park rangers will come by and check.  Look for locations that have interesting foreground objects to anchor the photo and give scale.  Check your exposure periodically, if you are doing time-lapse, since as the moon gets darker and lighter you’ll need to change it.  As with any photo, think outside the box to get unusual and dramatic results.

After the shootout club members can upload their images to the club’s Night Photography Focus Group flickr® image pool. Title your images “JAN 2018 ECLIPSE” and tag or keyword them with the date “31JAN18“. If you are a club member but not a member of flickr® learn how to join here.

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