Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Standing Committees

The Morgan Hill Photography Club maintains several standing committees in order to help facilitate the activities of the club. The committees are made up of volunteers who give of their time and skills to organize such activities. The club is always looking for members who are willing to serve on committees and help enrich the club experience of its members. If you feel like you would like to join or chair a committee and participate in directing club activities please contact the respective Chairperson listed below or let us know through our club’s contact form.


Community Connections Committee

Community Connections CommitteeThe mission of the Community Connections Committee is to promote the club locally by giving back to the community. This is accomplished through Community Service Projects such as slide shows at senior and convalescent facilities, taking portraits of seniors and low income families with the help of the club’s Photographing People focus group, and documenting community events (see Community Events below). Contact Dominic Godfrey for more information or to become a member of the committee.


Community Events

The Morgan Hill Photography Club is often asked to photograph Community Events. In order to share these pictures, the Club maintains a Shutterfly website which showcases each event. Attendees and local publications are able to view and download pictures. Participating photographers are able to watermark their photos and give back to the Community. Contact Susan Brazelton for more information or to arrange for photographers to record your event.


Gallery Show Committee

The Gallery Show Committee arranges for the venues to exhibit club members’ photographic works; determines the exhibition themes; selects the photographs to be included in a exhibit; takes in, installs, and removes the works from the venue; coordinates publicity for the exhibition; schedules the artists’ reception; and, performs other functions necessary to facilitate an exhibition. The committee meets four times a year, approximately one month before a scheduled exhibition. Contact chairperson George Ziegler for more information.


Shootout Committee

A popular activity of the club is periodic photography field trips or Shootouts. Comprised primarily of day trips to local locations, Shootouts provide members with practical photographic experience and a way to expand their vision and creativity. Club members may post the images they took on a shootout in the club’s Shootout flickr® Group. The Shootout Committee meets four times a year to brainstorm ideas for Shootouts and to plan when, where and who will lead each Shootout. You do not need to lead a Shootout to be a member of this committee. Contact chairperson Mark Grzan for more information or if you would like to lead a shootout.