Monarch Butterflies – Shootout

Monarchs Butterflies | Publicity Photo

Monarchs Butterflies | Publicity Photo

Date: November 21, 2014 | Time: 2:00PM to 6:30PM

October marks the return of the Monarch butterfly to the California coast, and one of the largest concentrations of these amber-colored beauties is in the Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve near Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. They’ve journeyed 1,500 miles from the Rocky Mountains in search of mild temperatures, and from now through March you can see them resting on their leafy coastal thrones. Commonly spotted in eucalyptus trees, the butterflies flit and flutter among the branches in warmer weather (55 degrees or higher); when the temperatures dip, they move into huddles so thick the trees look more like shingled roofs. At Natural Bridges, visitors walk a few minutes down the Monarch Boardwalk (wheelchair accessible) into the forest to the grand “Monarch Resting Area,” on a wooden platform. It’s a winged wonderland. Day-use parking is $10.

Join other club members and guests Friday afternoon, November 21st to photograph these beauties. Tripod, cable/remote release, and telephoto lenses are highly recommended. Afterwards (around 5PM) join club members and guests at a group dinner. To confirm your dinner reservation you need to RSVP no later than November 14th.  Carpools will be leaving Morgan Hill’s Community and Cultural Center at 1PM.  Expect to return to Morgan Hill at approximately 7PM.

Contact Mark Grzan to RSVP, arrange carpools, confirm dinner reservations, or obtain additional information.

After the shootout club members can upload their best images to the club’s Shootout flickr® group pool. Title your images “Monarchs 2014” and tag or keyword them with the date “21NOV14“.

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