Mission San Antonio de Padua – Shootout

Mission San Antonio de Padua | Publicity Photo

Mission San Antonio de Padua | Publicity Photo

Date: April 9, 2016 | Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Join us for a shootout on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at Mission San Antonio de Padua, the third mission established in California (July 14, 1771) by Fr. Junipero Serra. It is so far off the beaten path that it is known as “The Forgotten Mission.” Located in the Los Robles Valley near the San Antonio River on a beautiful, historic site (see map). Southwest of King City, the mission is just under a two-hour drive from Morgan Hill. The drive to the mission from King City (Jolon Road to Mission Road) is on some great county roads and passes through gorgeous ranch lands with beautiful oak trees covered with Spanish moss and the historic old town of Jolon. You can find out more about the mission by visiting their website.

Stay overnight nearby or carpool – YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS. The mission opens at 10:00AM daily, so you could leave Morgan Hill as late as 8:00 a.m. and be there when the mission opens. You can shoot exterior shots on the grounds before that time. The mission closes at 4:00PM. When you arrive at the mission check-in with the Tarvins. There is a $5 entrance fee.

Note: The mission is undergoing a seismic retrofit, so portions of the mission may be off-limits.

What to bring: Any Camera is okay including cell phones. Some other things that might be useful are extra batteries, tripod, remote shutter release (or use timer), flash. If you want to shoot macro in the garden or of wildflowers in the fields, bring macro lens. Oh, and don’t forget a box lunch!

Contact the shootout’s coordinator, John Tarvin, via email to sign-up. Please include your cell phone number and email address. After the shootout, participants have the option of gathering for an early dinner in King City to share our thoughts and photos. Location and time to be announced.

After the shootout club members can upload their best images to the club’s Shootout flickr® group pool. Title your images “Mission San Antonio de Padula” and tag or keyword them with the date “09APR16“. If you are a club member but not a member of flickr® learn how to join here.

Take only pictures, leave nothing behind!

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