Looking Through a Window – July’s Photo Theme

Fort Point, S.F. | Photo by George Ziegler

Sometimes it is necessary to shoot through windows, such as those on an airplane, in hotels, in your car, or your own home’s picture window, in order to get that striking photo that no one else can. Here are some tips when shooting through glass: (1) Look for single-glass windows vs, double pane glass to cut down reflections; (2) Clean the window; (3) Time your shoot so that the window is not lit; (4) Use a large aperture; (5) Shoot from as close as possible to the window; (6) Beware of vibration if touching the glass; (7) Shoot perpendicular to the glass as much as possible; (8) Do not use a polarizing filter; (9) Turn lights off and move away bright objects; (10) Wear dark clothing; (11) Use a rubber hood to press against the glass; and, (12) Use a dark cloth to hold over your head and camera.

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