Learning to Use Neutral Density Filters

Smooth Water | Photo by Lance Trott

Smooth Water | Photo by Lance Trott

Date: July 26, 2014 | Time: 03:00PM to 09:15PM

Club members are invited to learn how to create photographs with smooth and soft looking water images using daylight long exposures, employing Neutral Density (ND) filters in this hands-on workshop lead by Jeff Bentz and Lance Trott. Then, after sunset the workshop leaders will explain how it is done in low-light conditions without the use of filters.

You will need a camera capable of taking exposures up to thirty seconds and possibly longer, a sturdy tripod, ND filters (fixed or variable), and a cable release. In full daylight a ten-stop ND filter, small aperture and a low ISO setting works well. Filters with more or less density produce varying effects. In the low-light, after sunset, using low ISOs and small apertures you will be able to produce very good results without the need of a filter.

We will meet at the Centennial Recreation Center, 171 W. Edmundson Avenue, Morgan Hill parking lot at 01:15pm for helpful hints, arrange car pools and exchange cell phone numbers. Carpools will leave no later than 01:45PM. If you are traveling directly to the workshop location, meet us at the pull-out (36.636778 N, 121.930039 W) near the corner of Ocean View Boulevard and Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, at 03:00PM. The workshop may last till an hour after sunset.

Members can join the workshop leaders for dinner at a nearby restaurant, to be determined, at approximately 05:00PM. At dinner the leaders will answer questions you may have about long-exposure photography. After dinner the workshop leaders will take you back to the same location for instruction for photographing smooth and soft looking water in low-light conditions.

Please RSVP to Jeff Bentz or Lance Trott to confirm your attendance and for more information.

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