Learn How to Take and Process HDR Images

Yosemite | Photo by George Ziegler

Yosemite HDR | Photo by George Ziegler

Date: August 9, 2014 | Time: 09:00AM to 04:00PM

Club members are invited to learn how to take and process HDR images in this all-day hands-on workshop led by Lance Trott and George Ziegler. It will be broken into three sections. In the morning members will meet to go over the concepts of HDR (hand-outs provided) and make sure everyone is familiar with how to do it with their respective cameras (one to two hours). During the mid-day, when HDR is most needed, participants will carpool to the State Historic Park and Mission in San Juan Bautista, photograph various subjects (two hours), and have lunch. Later in the day we will return and work on the images (two hours). Most likely we will have lunch together at Jardines or some other place in SJB, but you are free to have lunch wherever you want.

You will need a camera capable of taking manual or bracketed exposures, a sturdy tripod, and a cable release (optional). When the participants return from SJB they will be shown how to process the images they took using Lightroom, Photoshop and/or other third party software. Participants will need to bring their laptop computers so they can follow along.

If you are interested in attending the HDR workshop please RSVP to George Ziegler or Lance Trott. You must sign up for this activity do to space limitations. The location of the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided when you RSVP and determined by the number of participants.

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