Clocks are the January Photo Theme

As photographers our interest is more likely to be focused on clock symbolism rather than taking photographs for insurance or advertising purposes. Clocks are an important part of modern busy lives. The humble clock is often used to characterize our concept of time. However, as a representative of time, clocks are a cliché. The difficulty is to find a new, interesting or exciting view.

What are the problems with taking photos of clocks? Simple, highlights and reflections, finger-prints and smudges. Some clocks are dirty. Make sure the glass is clean. Then try and control the reflections. Some other suggestions are: get close, try and fill the frame; clock mechanisms are a perfect macro subject; be aware of your surroundings and eliminate background clutter; make sure your images are sharp, this is a requirement for anything that has fine detail; and lastly, think creatively.

Upload up to five of your images to the club’s Monthly Photo Theme flickr® group.

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