Gilroy Gardens Shootout – Lumination

Lumination Gilroy Gardens | October 23, 2016

Lumination Gilroy Gardens | October 23, 2016

Date: October 23, 2016 | Time: 6PM – 10PM

Photograph the giant Chinese light displays and visit the Artisan Marketplace with other members of the MHPC. These incredible displays—some towering as high as 6 stories into the night sky—include giant dragons, mythical Qilin, and playful pandas, as well as historic landmarks like the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, and Terracotta Warriors. The beautiful colored lights are the perfect opportunity to try some creative camera techniques such as slow shutter pan, zoom, and blur.

What To Bring: A Camera (duh! – any camera will do, including camera phones); wide-angle lens; telephoto lens; tripod, extra batteries; extra memory cards; cable or remote release; warm clothes for the chilly evenings; and, your creativity.

Contact Susan Brazelton to RSVP. She will email you with the exact meeting location, directions to the location, and additional information. The shootout will run from 6PM to 10PM. Separate nighttime admission required – $30 at the gate; $25 online. Parking is $14/car, also available online. The Lumination website is

After the shootout club members can upload five of their images to the club’s Shootout flickr® group pool. Title your images “Lumination” and tag or keyword them with the date “23OCT16“. If you are a club member but not a member of flickr® learn how to join here.

Take only pictures, leave nothing behind!

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