Four Season Shootout – Summer

Ogier Quarry Ponds | Photo by Dzung Tran

Ogier Quarry Ponds | Photo by Dzung Tran

Date: June 19, 2016 | Time: 6PM – 9:30PM

It is time to return to Ogier Quarry Ponds to photograph the summer scenery, the rise of the full moon (7:50PM), and the sunset (8:29PM). This is the third of the four seasons shootout at this location. The surrounding hills have turned brown, and the grass that was ankle high in January is now knee and hip high, and trees and bushes are in full flourish. We’ll have time to explore and photograph the area around the ponds and then get ready for the moon to appear and the sun to set.

NOTE: This is called “Four Season Shootout” because we planned shootouts at this location in each of the four seasons. We did the winter shootout in January and the spring shootout in March. We will do the final shootout later this fall.

Contact Susan Brazelton to RSVP. She will email you with the exact meeting location, directions to the location, and additional information. The shootout will run from 6PM to 8:30PM. Access to the ponds is on Barnhart Avenue (SCC Model Airplane Skypark) off Monterey Road, just north of Cochrane.

After the shootout club members can upload their best images to the club’s Shootout flickr® group pool. Title your images “Ogier Ponds – Summer” and tag or keyword them with the date “19JUN16“. If you are a club member but not a member of flickr® learn how to join here.

Take only pictures, leave nothing behind!

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