Call for Entries – Gallery Exhibition “Machinery”

The Morgan Hill Photography Club (MHPC) and the Morgan Hill Historical Society (MHHS) are pleased to announce an open call for entries for an upcoming gallery show to be held at the Hiram Morgan Hill House – June 29, 2014 through August 24, 2014. Only members of the MHPC are eligible to enter.

The theme of the exhibition is Machinery. The types of machinery you should consider are: construction, mining, farming, production, manufacturing, bottling or canning, wine making, assembling, and milling – i.e. machines that are used in the process of making something, doing a task that is part of an industrial process, or where work is performed upon the material being processed. Generally such machinery requires an operator or is robotic. The components or workings of one of the foregoing machines also make good subjects – e.g. wheels, pinions, ratchets, cogs & gears, cranks, hydraulics, and parts that move. All photos must represent the theme and must be suitable in subject matter for a diverse and general audience.

Each MHPC member may submit up to three (3) works for review by the selection committee. The photographs must be the original work of the photographer, have been captured by a digital or film photographic process, be framed (mandatory), and have not been in a previous MHPC exhibition. The minimum size of accepted photographs is 8″ x 10″ (exclusive of the mat and or frame).

Please submit online by emailing a jpg copy of the image to no later than 09:00PM Sunday, June 1, 2014. MHPC will only accept entries submitted via email which are received before the deadline. Click here to download the Exhibition Rules for more detailed guidelines.

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