Executive Board

Executive Board:

The club is governed by directors who, operate as a Self-Perpetuating Board. In such a board, new members are appointed to various positions by existing board members. A major advantage of self-perpetuating boards is their ability to provide continuity of purpose over a long period of time. Another advantage is that the board can identify and recruit new board members who possess the expertise to fill specific board positions.

When a position needs to be filled, club members are notified through email, the newsletter, and at the general meetings. Any member who is interested in filling the position can apply. The board takes the names under consideration, evaluating the candidate’s skills, desire to serve, and other relevant factors. After due deliberation the board appoints the new board member.

In addition to the permanent members there are two members-at-large, each having a one year term. The terms are staggered – June to May and January to December. Any club member may volunteer for a member-at-large position, provided they have not previously served on the board. The member-at-large positions give the opportunity for club members to be on the board and participate in decision making.

If you are interested in filling an open position, being a member-at-large, or just attending a board meeting, contact one of the current board members.

Current Executive Board:

George ZieglerPresident, Gallery Show Chair, and Webmaster
Susan BrazeltonPast President and Community Events Director
Noella VigeantVice President and Program Director
Barbara DawsonTreasurer
Noël CalviMembership and Marketing Director
Mark GrzanShootout Committee Chair
O P E NCommunity Connections Committee Chair
Jeff DuBridgeNewsletter Editor
Michael Sue BrownKorbelPhoto Diva
Lennie RandallMember at Large
Cherie NewlandMember at Large