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Photo Themes Focus Groups
Each month club members are encouraged to produce images based upon a specific photo assignment or Theme. The images are shared on flickr® where they can be seen and commented upon by other members. The public can view the Monthly Photo Theme images but non-members cannot post images. More… Enjoy photography with others who share your special interests and passion by joining a Focus Group. Focus groups are small gatherings of club members who meet periodically to share experiences, exchange tips and techniques, mentor, and provide constructive feedback to each other. More…

Photo Safaris


Field Trips Exhibitions
A popular activity of the club is the periodic photography field trips or Photo Safaris. Comprised primarily of day trips to local locations, Photo Safaris provide members and guests with practical photographic experience, a way to expand their vision and creativity, and a source of fun and socialization. More… Several times a year the Morgan Hill Photography Club provides opportunities for its members to exhibit their work in public venues. Members, no matter what their experience level, are encouraged to participate as another way of sharing their photography. Only club members may participate in the exhibitions. More…


Workshops, a members only feature of the club, provide hands-on training and education in a specific photographic technique or subject. Workshops include day-light long exposure, HDR capture and processing, panorama capture and processing, matting and framing your prints, calibrating your monitor and printer, understanding copyright laws, how to use social media to promote you photography, night photography and other areas of interest to photographers. The workshops are led by experienced club members with considerable photographic experience and knowledge. More…